email: dannnn@mac.com // +351 393 458 148

2016 February , beside graphic design, start a furniture project. the Priguiza.com
2015 January whith 3 friends brought to life a new kind of art galery, the Passevite Project.
2013 January and for one year position of Communication Design Director applied to Political Marketing in F5C Consulting Agency. 
2010 January he creates his own studio, dAN-dc, based on the global network concept.
1996 March , and for 14 years, was co-responsible for the creation of the digital design agency spiffdesign, a pioneer in the digital communication.  
1996 Until the beginning of , he developed work as a freelancer for the agencies Gilbert Doill, Grupo Barro and Tinta Invisível.  
In December, and for 1/2 year is invited by Tool, Design & Communication, Macau to taste the china lifestyle and develop a set of advertising campaigns for the Loyal Senate.
1993 June , he is a member of Cartoon, a European Project for Animation.  
1992 September he integrates a work partnership as a designer at a newyorker Timing/Alliance Advertising Agency in Portugal. 
1991 February , and for one year around Portugal, takes part as a stage photographer and graphic designer in the documentary series “Arquitectar” of RTP2.  
1991 September he attends the artistic drawing course at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes.
Is admitted at Instituto de Arte e Design, IADE.
1990 October , he starts a design internship working in the Apple Macintosh environment at the studio “A Revolta das Máquinas”, a pioneer in computer graphics, being afterwards admitted as a graphic designer.
First studies in Art & Design 
Attended primary and secondary school at Colégio Vasco da Gama and Esc. Sec. D. Filipa de Lencastre.
Daniel do Nascimento, born in Lisbon.